Los Angeles, United States

Sneak Peek: B.A.P, Boys of Dogtown


Rookie group B.A.P hits the grind in their first-ever photo shoot in the states. They may have gone ’90s old school for their latest single “Stop It,” but we’re about to show you they can pull off LA’s Dogtown in the ’70s just as well.

MTV K teamed up with B.A.P and TS Entertainment for an exclusive photo shoot during the boys’ first visit to Los Angeles, and to say they had the time of their life would probably be an understatement. Zelo, especially.

Here’s a first look at what it was like on set that day — BABYs, stay tuned for an onslaught of B.A.P photos and MTV K’s behind-the-scenes coverage of the skate-punk-inspired shoot. Excited yet?