Seoul, South KoreaBlock B — “Jackpot”
Music Video

Block B -- "Jackpot"

Seven members, Seven Seasons, and their seventh release — Block B hits a 7-7-7 "Jackpot!" A song about creating your own luck and running with it, "Jackpot" is 4 minutes of fickle melodies and rhythms over a steady drum beat. Join Block B and actress...
Seoul, South KoreaJay Park — “Metronome”
Music Video

Jay Park -- "Metronome"

Singer, rapper, songwriter, and AOMG CEO Jay Park breaks it down with "Metronome," an electronic hip-hop jam about a love story in need of a little pacemaking. An AOMG production to the core, the track features beats and mixing by Gray, lyrics written...
Seoul, South KoreaNS Yoon-G — “Yasisi”
Music Video

NS Yoon-G — “Yasisi”

Soloist NS Yoon-G wants you to hurry up and make your move! Produced by Duble Sidekick and composed by SEION, her third mini-album title track "Yasisi" is filled with retro tango beats, a hip-hop rhythm, and beckoning lyrics like: "Don't just stand...
Seoul, South KoreaCrush — “Sometimes”
Music Video

Crush — “Sometimes”

Producer, songwriter, and serial featuring artist Crush makes a major solo debut with his laid-back R&B groove, "Sometimes." Listen to him deliver emotional lyrics about missing an ex, and you'll understand why he's known as Korea's rising star of...
Seoul, South KoreaBTS — “Just One Day”
Music Video

BTS — “Just One Day”

The BTS boys break it down in "Just One Day," a mellow hip-hop track about how they wish they could spend more time with their lovers, if only for a single day. Departing from BTS' signature intense, hard-hitting style, the blank set and toned-down...
Seoul, South KoreaA Pink — “Mr. Chu”
Music Video

A Pink — “Mr. Chu”

K-pop's resident innocent-concept girl group A Pink is here to sweeten your day with "Mr. Chu," a heart-fluttery pop track about falling in love at first kiss. Refreshingly cute in today's era of sexy K-pop acts, A Pink will steal your heart with their...
Seoul, South KoreaSuper Junior M — “Swing (Korean Ver.)”
Music Video

Super Junior M — “Swing (Korean Ver.)”

Need a break from the daily grind? Super Junior’s Mandopop sub group Super Junior-M will help you throw away stress with “SWING,” an energetic track that says "forget it all and come dance with me!" The track's fun MV features all eight SJ-M members...
Seoul, South KoreaM.I.B — “CHISA’BOUNCE”
Music Video


Haters can hate all they want, but hip-hop quartet M.I.B is still gonna play by their own rules. 5Zic, Young Cream, Sims, and Kangnam tell us they can’t be stopped with “CHISA’BOUNCE” (or “Dirty Bounce”), a dance jam with hypnotic beats, witty lyrics,...
Seoul, South KoreaCrayon Pop — “Uh ee”
Music Video

Crayon Pop — “Uh ee”

Tuxes and high heels, wine and classy entertainment, and… bandanas and chicken-leg dances? Adorably oddball girl group Crayon Pop will get you jumping again with “Uh-ee,” an electro-trot song about not letting anything stop you from, well, just about...
Seoul, South KoreaMBLAQ — “Be a Man”
Music Video

MBLAQ — “Be a Man”

There's not much you can do when your special someone suddenly decides they don't want you anymore. MBLAQ breaks down a breakup with R&B single "Be a Man," wondering if they should let you go like a man even though they still love you. A perfect match...
Seoul, South KoreaGlen Check — “Young Generation”
Music Video

Glen Check — “Young Generation”

Hot indie duo Glen Check channels the sounds of the '80s in their synth-tastic track, "Young Generation." Lyric-less (save for a few heys and yeahs) and full of Glen Check's signature electronic sound, the track delivers a feeling of reckless youth —...
Seoul, South KoreaTROY — “Green Light”
Music Video

TROY — “Green Light”

Give rookie hip-hop group TROY the go-ahead to take you away! The quartet’s debut single “Green Light” grooves its way through R&B and retro Brazilian jazz, leaving you no choice but come along for the ride. Join Bumkey, Jaewoong, Changwoo, and Kanto...
Seoul, South KoreaSPEED — “Zombie Party”
Music Video

SPEED — “Zombie Party”

SPEED is here to infect you with party fever via their third single “Zombie Party!” An electropop jam about checking your brain at the door and just going crazy for tonight, “Zombie Party” features lyrics by leader Taewoon, music and beats by Radio...