Seoul, South Korea

Weekly Video Playlist: Best of B-Sides, Season One


Season one of B-Sides surfed a few less-traveled swells on the Hallyu wave and found some really great bands that you need to start stanning.  From Korean rockabilly (kimchibilly, if you will) to electronica, and from grunge rock to circus-y, disco-punk, there’s something here for every K-music fan. Check out these highlight performances and music videos from MTV K | B-Sides, Season One.

Don’t forget, if you see a band you like, make sure to check out their B-Sides episode. You’ll be glad you did.

Episode 01: The RockTigers
Episode 02: Crying Nut
Episode 03: Yellow Monsters
Episode 04: THE KOXX
Episode 05: Glen Check
Episode 06: Story Seller
Episode 07: Urban Zakapa
Episode 08: Super Kidd
Episode 09: Bye Bye Badman
Episode 10: GoGo Star