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Weekly MV Playlist: Summer Shakedown

Music Video

You may not be in the thick of backyard barbecue smoke, and maybe you’re not feeling the crunch of sand between your toes just yet. Either way, the summer season has arrived. So wherever you might be spending the hot days of June, this playlist is for you. Slap on that sunblock and grab a pair of shades because it’s time for a Summer Shakedown, MTV K style.

f(x) –“Hot Summer” 
Lyric that says it all: “Even if it isn’t the Malibu beach//The waves still sparkle like gold dust…”

Janine: Whoa, how did you guess that this was going to be our first video?
Corynn: In the bridge, they tell unsuspecting tourists to wear black in the summer. F(x) has a mischievous side, we see.

TVXQ –”Hi Ya Ya Summer Day”
Lyric that says it all: “Our memories of the summer, I will always keep…”

Janine: TVXQ is known for being the Rising Gods of the East, not the King(s) of the World. You might want to get down from there Jack, I mean, Jaejoong.
Corynn: MTV K beach trip? Who do we need to convince to make this happen?

Buga Kingz –”Tic Tac Toe”
Lyric that says it all: “Baby, set me free…”

Janine: Ok, I’m really digging that laid back funk. Perfect for a ride-to-the-beach playlist, if you ask me.
Corynn: I guess that could be a second tagline for this playlist.

Shinhwa“Eu Sha Eu Sha”
Lyric that says it all: “Hey! Come on everybody swimming in the sea//Saying doo waa diddy diddy dum diddy dum!”

Janine: Seriously, I will never get over how cute “Eu Sha” era Shinhwa was. And seriously, Eric Mun in dreads? I can’t even….
Corynn: Everyone is having so much fun. It’s hard not to crack a grin while watching this MV.

Mighty Mouth –”LaLaLa”
Lyric that says it all: ”Don’t look for me//Sorry I’m on a vacation…”

Corynn: I want this as my June-August ringback tone.
Janine: Poolside fiesta with Mighty Mouth? Count me in.

Thanks for listening and be sure to watch out for next week’s playlist.