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Weekly MV Playlist: Not the Same Old Song and Dance

Music Video

Let’s face it, K-pop choreography can get pretty redundant. Body roll here, pop and locks there. We’ve seen it all before. Or have we? This week we picked five music videos with unique, uncommon and eye-catching steps. Want to add more to the list? Let us know what you think in the comments section. 

Cross Gene –“La Di Da Di” 
Lyric that says it all: “I’m all crazy I’m all crazy for your dancing tonight”

Janine: Extended floor choreo? Now that’s something I haven’t seen before.
Corynn: I would say, “boring!” but… you can’t look away. It’s really interesting.

B.A.P –”Power”
Lyric that says it all: “We got the power, I got the power//Don’t submit”

Janine: So… you’re standing up to authority… by spray-painting the air…
Corynn: Haha. You have to admit though, it fits in just fine with their aggressive dance crew image.

SISTAR –”Alone”
Lyric that says it all: “I didn’t know it would turn out like this // Are we over this easily?”

Corynn: Sexy doesn’t require skimpy outfits and gyrating when you’ve got the right moves.
Janine: All you need is a well-placed foot slide or knee lift and you’re golden.

Block B – “Nanrina”
Lyric that says it all: ”Even if I fall down, I look good”

Corynn: It must have been so much fun to perform this live. It looks like Block B is having a blast.
Janine: When the MV first came out, the “gorilla arms dance” got a lot of attention. K-pop choreo pulls inspiration from everything.

EXO-K –“History”
Lyric that says it all: “I need you and you want me, in this planet called earth”

Janine: I’m willing to bet the lifeforms inhabiting EXO Planet don’t quite grasp the purpose of pockets.
Corynn: They’re on beat and they did it with straight faces. Impressive.