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Weekly MV Playlist: For Those Rainy Days

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April’s here, and you know what that means: rain, and lots of it. April showers inspired this second installment in our MV playlist series, so if you’re in the mood for a little melancholy, this playlist is for you. For those looking to beat some rainy day blues, check out our comments below.

2PM – ”Without You”
I’m gonna be OK / Baby without you
Janine: Really? You guys don’t look OK to me. More like, a little angry. And wet.
Corynn: All I know is, that piano is not gonna be OK.

Jung In — “Rainy Season”
You’re my sun / Since you left, it’s been raining in my eyes
Corynn: Talk about raining eyes. The end left me all teary.
Janine: Are there Kleenex brand umbrellas we can buy?

Kim Hyun Joong – ”Please”
It was wrong to let go of you
Janine: Hyun Joong, it was raining a minute ago. You might not want to be on a roof singing with metal microphones everywhere. Please get back inside.
Corynn: And please stop spilling wine everywhere. Do you know how much that carpet cost?
Janine: Please.
Corynn: PLEASE.

After School – ”Because of You”
I tried to be your only girl / and did you ever understand my heart?
Corynn: That breakup seemed pretty rough. Sometimes the best thing to do is meet with friends and put the pieces back together.
Janine: Do you mean, “piece together some designer outfits and dance dramatically in a room?”

Rain – ”Love Song”
Will those eyes of yours say that you still love me?
Janine: A song by Rain is necessary in this playlist for obvious reasons.
Corynn: And these reasons had nothing to do with Rain being shirtless.
Janine: Nothing at all.