Seoul, South Korea

Weekly MV Playlist: Aegyo Overload

Ah yes, aegyo. It’s hard to find an English equivalent to this uniquely Korean word, as aegyo is the embodiment of being charming, exuding child-like innocence and being actively endearing all at once. These five videos celebrate a saccharine side of K-pop that’s hard to find anywhere else. Brace yourselves, because the levels of cuteness in this playlist are not for the faint of heart.

Hello Venus –”Venus”
Lyric that says it all: “Her mysterious heart is also frustrated// So don’t be timid, she already like you”

Janine: Ok, I’ll give it to these ladies. They’re like the perfect blend of sexy and cute, and that song is scarily addictive.
Corynn:  Anyone else see Yooyoung’s rapid-fire cute poses from behind the bench? She’s a pro.

B1A4“Beautiful Target” 
Lyric that says it all: “With a warm heart, I’m waiting for you”

Corynn: I wonder if people new to K-pop would be able to guess the average age of B1A4….
Janine: I lost it when they started doing the sprout dance. We’re only two videos in, and I don’t think I can take all this cuteness.

Orange Caramel –”A~ing”
Lyric that says it all: “My love is like an allergy//I used to be calm but you made me crazy”

Janine: Don’t expect to win an aegyo battle with Orange Caramel; the result would be pretty grimm.
Corynn: Har har, fairy tales. I get it.

ZE:A –”Here I Am”
Lyric that says it all: “I’m so in love//And you’re the one I’m thinking of”

Corynn: Z:EA could probably run a date consultation business. Nice taste.
Janine: Welp, that’s it. This video is so sweet, I’ve got cavities.

Girl’s Day –“Twinkle Twinkle”
Lyric that says it all: “Twinkle twinkle, don’t stare at my twinkling lips//It may make us drift away”

Janine: No, I most certainly don’t know all of the words to this song. That’s a lie. I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Corynn: Are you in aegyo denial, Janine? Don’t fight it; just let it happen.
Janine: B.. bu….*BBUING BBUING*
Corynn: Nevermind. Don’t do that again.