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Seoul, South KoreaTVXQ
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TVXQ!'s full name Tong Vang Xien Qi/Dong Bang Shin Ki (Traditional Chinese: 東方神起 ) translates to "Rising Gods of the East," a fitting title for one of the most successful acts out of Asia. Since their debut,  TVXQ! has released six Korean albums, five...
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Seoul, South KoreaUnder Your Spell
Music Video

Under Your Spell

Got someone on your mind in a "I literally can't think about anything else" kind of way? We know that feel, and so do your K-pop faves. The question is: Are you smitten...
Seoul, South KoreaTVXQ — “Spellbound”
Music Video

TVXQ — “Spellbound”

Dive into TVXQ's high-rollin' world in the MV for "Spellbound," the title track off their repackaged seventh studio album. A song about being caught up in love as if by...
Seoul, South KoreaTVXQ — “Something”
Music Video

TVXQ — “Something”

K-pop’s royal duoTVXQ celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of their seventh full-length album TENSE and its swingin’ lead single “Something.” Right on...
Seoul, South KoreaK-Pop Starts 2014 in the Fast Lane

K-Pop Starts 2014 in the Fast Lane

We're barely 48 hours into 2014 and anticipation is already running high for several high-profile comebacks and debuts! K-pop juggernauts Rain and TVXQ got the jump on...
Seoul, South KoreaTVXQ and Rain to Face Off in January

TVXQ and Rain to Face Off in January

Major K-pop acts TVXQ and Rain will both make highly-anticipated comebacks next month — on the same day! Brace yourselves, Cassies and Clouds — it's about to be a clash...
Side Chatter: July 26, 2013

Side Chatter: July 26, 2013

Welcome back to Side Chatter, your source for the big stories in K-Pop news this week! The last few days were all over the place with idols on good (and bad) behavior,...