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Seoul, South KoreaK-Mixtape: All That Jazz
Music Video

K-Mixtape: All That Jazz

Hey piano man! K-pop famously draws on all kinds of music styles to create the addictive jams we know and love today — of course jazz sound is no exception! From...
Seoul, South KoreaWeekly Roundup May 9—15, 2015

Weekly Roundup May 9—15, 2015

Cast Following their big return (and big win!) on KBS Music Bank today, Big Bang is also set to appear on an upcoming episode of KBS Happy Together! This year marks...
Seoul, South KoreaSONAMOO — “Deja Vu”
Music Video

SONAMOO — “Deja Vu”

It’s fate, right? TS Entertainment’s fierce rookie girl group SONAMOO breaks onto the scene with “Deja Vu,” a hard-hitting hip-hop dance jam about a magnetic first...
Seoul, South KoreaWeekly Roundup: April 11—17, 2014

Weekly Roundup: April 11—17, 2014

Stateside After a long stretch in first place during voting, 2NE1’s CL ultimately landed #2 on TIME Magazine's "Most Influential Person in the World" reader poll...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: October 11—16, 2014

Side Chatter: October 11—16, 2014

Cast Girl’s Day’s Sojin has been confirmed to play a divorcée for upcoming SBS drama Family Outing. This will be the second time Sojin appears on the small...
Seoul, South KoreaSecret — “I’m in Love”
Music Video

Secret — “I’m in Love”

Take a seat and tell us how you really feel, SECRET! The sometimes-sweet, sometimes-spicy idol quartet brings sexy back in the shrink's office for "I'm in Love," the...