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Seoul, South KoreaT-ara
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Seven member girl-group T-ara specializes in hyper-catchy dance tracks and trendy ballads. After debuting with "Lies" in 2009 with members Eunjung, Hyomin, Boram, Soyeon and Jiyeon, over the next few years Q-ri, Hwayoung, Ahreum were added. Even...
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Seoul, South KoreaGotta Be You
Music Video

Gotta Be You

Our K-pop faves can be a bit single-minded about love sometimes, insisting single after single that their hearts beat for no one but their one and only. We think it can...
Seoul, South KoreaJiyeon — “Never Ever”
Music Video

Jiyeon — “Never Ever”

T-Ara’s Jiyeon is a little crazy for you in her first solo single, “Never Ever." The mid-tempo pop jam is about not wanting to be apart from someone for even for "1...
Seoul, South KoreaCome Back!
Music Video

Come Back!

What's it going to take to bring that special someone back to your side? Maybe a heartfelt apology will do the trick, along with a promise to do better. Perhaps they...
Seoul, South KoreaK-Pop! at the Disco
Music Video

K-Pop! at the Disco

Trending sound alert! '70s / '80s grooves and synths are making a huge comeback in pop music these days, and the K-pop scene is no exception. Dim the lights and break...
The TREND 2013: The Sounds

The TREND 2013: The Sounds

Welcome to The TREND 2013, a week-long look back over the past year of music through the trending sounds, videos, news and more. The light at the end of the 2013...
Seoul, South KoreaT-ara — “Do You Know Me”
Music Video

T-ara — “Do You Know Me”

Have we actually met before, or are you just trying to pick me up? The six T-Ara ladies want to know exactly what you’re all about in their retro-tastic dance track...
Seoul, South KoreaT-Ara — “Number 9″
Music Video

T-Ara — “Number 9″

With the lineup back to their original six members, top girl group T-Ara go back to their roots with the sexy and mysterious single "Number 9." An earworm track with...