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Seoul, South KoreaShinhwa
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The longest-running boy band in K-pop history, Shinhwa, which means “Legend” in Korean, is perhaps the best example of how group dynamics should work in an idol group. Since their debut in 1998, Shinhwa – made up of Eric, Minwoo, Dongwan, Junjin,...
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Seoul, South KoreaM — “Taxi”
Music Video

M — “Taxi”

Join M (aka Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo) on a wild ride around town with “Taxi,” the lead single off of his tenth-anniversary EP M+TEN. Featuring fellow Shinhwa member Eric as...
Seoul, South KoreaLee Minwoo Releases M+TEN & “Taxi” MV

Lee Minwoo Releases M+TEN & “Taxi” MV

With the release of this 10th anniversary album M+TEN, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo (aka 'M')has finally stepped back onto the music scene as a soloist! The album dropped today...
The TREND 2013: The Sounds

The TREND 2013: The Sounds

Welcome to The TREND 2013, a week-long look back over the past year of music through the trending sounds, videos, news and more. The light at the end of the 2013...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: October 18, 2013

Side Chatter: October 18, 2013

There's never a dull week in K-Pop! The past seven days were packed with huge news, and we pulled together all the top stories for you right here on Side Chatter! Let's...
Side Chatter: March, Week 3

Side Chatter: March, Week 3

This week's Side Chatter covers anything and everything that was relevant over the past seven days. What are you waiting for? We know you're dying to know about... ...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: March, Week 1

Side Chatter: March, Week 1

The K-Pop world doesn't slow down for anyone, so we've narrowed down this week's top stories just for you.  Here's what happened in K-Entertainment for the first week of...
Retro K-poppers Hint at Comeback Plans

Retro K-poppers Hint at Comeback Plans

This year, popular drama Reply 1997 called upon first generation K-poppers to examine where the Hallyu phenomenon first got its start. In doing so, the popularity of...