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Seoul, South KoreaSHINee
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SM Entertainment's contemporary pop/R&B boy band SHINee — pronounced "shiny"— made their debut in May 2008 with “Noona, You’re So Pretty (Replay),” melting the hearts of girls across Asia. The five members of SHINee – Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and...
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Seoul, South KoreaMissing You (Sometimes)
Music Video

Missing You (Sometimes)

Here's a playlist for those once-in-a-while lonely days. Sometimes it can't be helped — memories of good times have a way of finding their way back, even if the breakup...
Seoul, South KoreaWelcome Back, Spring!
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Welcome Back, Spring!

Spring has arrived at MTV K headquarters in NYC! With the cold days on their way out and warm weather is rolling in, we're in the mood for delightfully spring-y MVs by...
Seoul, South KoreaUnder Your Spell
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Under Your Spell

Got someone on your mind in a "I literally can't think about anything else" kind of way? We know that feel, and so do your K-pop faves. The question is: Are you smitten...
Seoul, South KoreaToheart — “Delicious”
Music Video

Toheart — “Delicious”

Celebrity best friends SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun joined forces to become Toheart, a special project duo and cross-label collaboration! “Delicious,” the lead...
Seoul, South KoreaSM the Ballad — “Breath”
Music Video

SM the Ballad — “Breath”

SHINee’s Jonghyun and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon lead SM the Ballad’s 2014 reboot with “Breath,” a beautiful duet about an ex-couple who still miss each other. TVXQ’s...