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Seoul, South KoreaSecret
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Four-member idol group Secret debuted under TS Entertainment in 2009. Vocalists JiEun, Hyosung, Sunhwa and rapper Zinger created their niche in the K-pop world with their ability to seamlessly switch gears between sweet 'n aegyo and aggressively sexy...
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Seoul, South KoreaSECRET — “I Do I Do”
Music Video

SECRET — “I Do I Do”

Ring in the winter holiday season with girl group Secret's sugary single "I Do I Do" off their fifth mini-album, Gift from Secret. Love-at-first-sight lyrics coupled...
Seoul, South KoreaLonely Winter Days
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Lonely Winter Days

Find yourself having a lonely day or two this winter?  It's OK if you are — it's normal to feel the cold weather blues now and again. And according to all the recent...
Seoul, South KoreaSong Ji Eun — “False Hope”
Music Video

Song Ji Eun — “False Hope”

SECRET's Song Ji Eun returns to the spotlight with her second solo single "False Hope," a jazzy pop-ballad with lyrics directed towards an ex who keeps leading her on....
New York City, United StatesTop 10 Countdown E03
Top 10

Top 10 Countdown E03

Meet the new voice for the global K-pop community – MTV K’s Top 10 Countdown highlights the hottest K-Pop releases through fan-voted music video rankings. Join VJ Ellie...
Seoul, South KoreaSecret — “Yoo Hoo!”
Music Video

Secret — “Yoo Hoo!”

Get lost on a desert island with Secret and their summer-y new single "YooHoo!" The girls return to the cute image they had back in their "Shy Boy" and "Starlight...
Side Chatter: March, Week 3

Side Chatter: March, Week 3

This week's Side Chatter covers anything and everything that was relevant over the past seven days. What are you waiting for? We know you're dying to know about... ...
Side Chatter: March, Week 2

Side Chatter: March, Week 2

Another week gone, another week closer to Spring! Here are the major K-Pop news updates for the second week of March 2013, starting with...  (more...)
Seoul, South KoreaZinger Recovers, Hara in Hospital

Zinger Recovers, Hara in Hospital

While we're happy to report that Secret's Zinger is back on her feet and performing nearly two months after last year's scary car accident, we're not so happy to report...