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Seoul, South KoreaWishful Thinking
Music Video

Wishful Thinking

What's on your wish list these days? A romantic vacation? The glamorous life? A breakup undone? Or perhaps a playlist full of wishful music videos by your favorite K-pop...
Seoul, South KoreaA Pink — “Mr. Chu”
Music Video

A Pink — “Mr. Chu”

K-pop's resident innocent-concept girl group A Pink is here to sweeten your day with "Mr. Chu," a heart-fluttery pop track about falling in love at first kiss....
Seoul, South KoreaWelcome Back, Spring!
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Welcome Back, Spring!

Spring has arrived at MTV K headquarters in NYC! With the cold days on their way out and warm weather is rolling in, we're in the mood for delightfully spring-y MVs by...
Seoul, South KoreaCome Back!
Music Video

Come Back!

What's it going to take to bring that special someone back to your side? Maybe a heartfelt apology will do the trick, along with a promise to do better. Perhaps they...
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 — “Come Back Home”
Music Video

2NE1 — “Come Back Home”

R&B, reggae, and electropop are a match made in virtual heaven in “Come Back Home,” one of two lead singles off 2NE1’s second album, CRUSH. Lyrics about waiting for a...
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 — “Happy”
Music Video

2NE1 — “Happy”

"Happy" reacquaints fans with 2NE1’s upbeat, cheerful personas and their signature street flair. Produced by frequent YG collaborator Teddy and group leader CL, this...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: March 1— 7, 2014

Side Chatter: March 1— 7, 2014

Branded Actor Kim Soo Hyun and Miss A's Suzy are continuing to showcase their undeniable chemistry in a dramatic CF for Bean Pole's new line of windbreakers. Watch...
Seoul, South KoreaK-Pop! at the Disco
Music Video

K-Pop! at the Disco

Trending sound alert! '70s / '80s grooves and synths are making a huge comeback in pop music these days, and the K-pop scene is no exception. Dim the lights and break...
Seoul, South KoreaKisses from U-KISS

Kisses from U-KISS

It’s a Valentine’s Day homepage takeover with U-KISS here at MTV K! We’ve got plenty of sweet-as-chocolate U-KISS goodies for KISSMEs this Valentine’s Day, from...