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New York City, United StatesBlock B in NYC

Block B in NYC

Brace yourselves — it’s a Block B takeover on the MTV K homepage! Relive B-Bomb, Jaehyo, Kyung, P.O, Taeil, U-Kwon, and Zico’s exciting trip to New York for their first...
Seoul, South KoreaTiny-G — “Ice Baby”
Music Video

Tiny-G — “Ice Baby”

The Tiny-G ladies wonder where all the love and passion have gone with their fourth single, “Ice Baby!” The mellow R&B tune is about unexpected changes in a relationship...
Seoul, South KoreaPark Ji Yoon — “Yoo Hoo”
Music Video

Park Ji Yoon — “Yoo Hoo”

Keep a slice of warm weather close to you with Park Ji Yoon’s “Yoo Hoo,” an uplifting pop track perfect for summertime. The artsy MV was shot on picturesque Jeju Island...
Seoul, South KoreaHenry — “Fantastic”
Music Video

Henry — “Fantastic”

Super Junior-M’s multi-talented breakout star is back for round two! Henry breaks out his violin for classical meets ’80s pop fusion track “Fantastic,” the title single...
Seoul, South Koreaf(x) — “Red Light”
Music Video

f(x) — “Red Light”

We can always expect the unexpected when it comes to f(x), and the girls certainly stay ahead of the pop curve with their third album, Red Light! The title single is an...
Seoul, South Koreag.o.d Celebrates their 15th Anniversary!

g.o.d Celebrates their 15th Anniversary!

On July 12 and 13, g.o.d celebrated their 15th anniversary with their fans for a two-night concert extravaganza. The official reunion took place in front of about 14,000...
Don’t Hide That Smile
Music Video

Don’t Hide That Smile

What do these songs about flirting, breakups, makeovers, and underwear have in common? Their music videos are all out to make you smile! Flip through the playlist...
Seoul, South KoreaHistory — “Psycho”
Music Video

History — “Psycho”

History abandons their approachable, "boy-next-door" look to become chilling bad boys for "Psycho," a catchy electric tune with salsa-jazz twists. Choreography and story...