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Seoul, South KoreaKARA to Skip Dream Concert ’14

KARA to Skip Dream Concert ’14

Now that former KARA members Nicole and Jiyoung are settling into their new routines apart from the group, DSP Media seems to be on a mission to convince fans that KARA...
Seoul, South KoreaA Suit and Tie Affair
Music Video

A Suit and Tie Affair

Prepare for an overload of sexiness, playlist style. Whether it be boy bands, duos, solo acts, or even girl groups, idols look mighty fine on their suit and tie. (Even...
Seoul, South KoreaKARA — “Damaged Lady”
Music Video

KARA — “Damaged Lady”

A lyrical sigh of frustration, KARA’s “Damaged Lady” describes the rebellious attitude of a girl who’s just been dumped. The members of KARA play the part of a woman...
Seoul, South KoreaProducer Spotlight: Sweetune
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Producer Spotlight: Sweetune

Kickstart your heart and get that blood pumping with the synthpop stylings of Sweetune! This production team, consisting of Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo, Lee Joo Hyung and...
Side Chatter: April, Week 1

Side Chatter: April, Week 1

April has just begun, and the start of a new month can mean only one thing: more K-Pop news and updates! As always, we're here to keep you in the loop, starting with......
Seoul, South KoreaKARA to Make a Comeback This Month

KARA to Make a Comeback This Month

KARA is on track to make their Korean comeback this month after a year or so of overseas promotions. Their agency, DSP Media, released a vague teaser image yesterday,...