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Seoul, South KoreaG-Dragon
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When he's not performing as the leader of the wildly popular idol group Big Bang, singer/lyricist/composer G-Dragon occasionally takes off to do his own thing. With two successful album's-worth of solo tracks under his belt — a great majority of which...
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Seoul, South KoreaWhat Happened Last Night?
Music Video

What Happened Last Night?

The sun came up, but last night will live on in legend — via music video! Flip through the playlist above for your K-pop faves starring in after-hours antics that we can...
Seoul, South KoreaPSY is Back with a “Hangover”

PSY is Back with a “Hangover”

After much hype and anticipation, PSY is officially teasing his upcoming summer album! Following the monumental event of “Gangnam Style” surpassing 2 billion views, the...