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Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: January 3—9, 2014

Side Chatter: January 3—9, 2014

There's never a boring week in K-pop news, and the first full week of 2015 is no exception! Catch up on the top stories of the week with MTV K's Side Chatter, starting...
K-Pop’s Kid Cameos
Music Video

K-Pop’s Kid Cameos

Tiny show-stealers ahead! We always get the warm fuzzies when baby faces make cameos in our favorite music videos. Whether they're the main focus of the plot or not, we...
Seoul, South KoreaWTF? — Bizarre K-pop MVs
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WTF? — Bizarre K-pop MVs

K-pop is already famous for its vibrant, exciting, and often eccentric music videos, so what happens when the craziness is cranked up a little more? We know what — a...
The TREND 2013: The Collaborations

The TREND 2013: The Collaborations

Welcome to The TREND 2013, a week-long look back at the past 12 months of music through the trending sounds, videos, news and more! Did you keep an eye on the...
Seoul, South KoreaK-pop Songs with Sneaky Titles
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K-pop Songs with Sneaky Titles

If you've been following K-pop for a while, you'll know that sometimes the song titles can get a bit sneaky. When you're dealing with seemingly random numbers and...
Seoul, South KoreaRecharge! A Pick-Me-Up Playlist
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Recharge! A Pick-Me-Up Playlist

School/work/a bad hair day got you down and feeling low? Your friends at MTV K are here for you... but you gotta snap out of it. Because you're awesome. Remind the...