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Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: January 3—9, 2014

Side Chatter: January 3—9, 2014

There's never a boring week in K-pop news, and the first full week of 2015 is no exception! Catch up on the top stories of the week with MTV K's Side Chatter, starting...
Seoul, South KoreaK-Pop Kickin’ It Old School
Music Video

K-Pop Kickin’ It Old School

Feeling a little nostalgic? Then it's a good thing blasts from the past are one of the biggest trends in K-pop! Listening to the top-charting singles of today is like...
Seoul, South KoreaHyunA — “Red”
Music Video

HyunA — “Red”

"RED" is the lead single off 4Minute HyunA's third solo mini-album, A TALK, and it has her name written all over it — literally! The catchy party banger references a...
Don’t Hide That Smile
Music Video

Don’t Hide That Smile

What do these songs about flirting, breakups, makeovers, and underwear have in common? Their music videos are all out to make you smile! Flip through the playlist...
Seoul, South KoreaWhat Happened Last Night?
Music Video

What Happened Last Night?

The sun came up, but last night will live on in legend — via music video! Flip through the playlist above for your K-pop faves starring in after-hours antics that we can...
Seoul, South KoreaBeast — “Good Luck”
Music Video

Beast — “Good Luck”

Say “See ya!” to an ex in style with Beast’s “Good Luck,” the title track off their sixth mini-album. Incorporating R&B and electronic sounds, the fun dance track...
Seoul, South KoreaBEAST Returns with “Good Luck”

BEAST Returns with “Good Luck”

The bad boys of BEAST are back with their highly anticipated sixth mini-album, Good Luck. Hype and excitement over BEAST's return rose after a long, long week of...
Seoul, South KoreaBeast — “No More”
Music Video

Beast — “No More”

Beast's soft side is showing! Co-composed by Kim Tae Joo and Beast's Yong Junhyung, ballad single "No More" describes the struggles felt by both parties in a recent...