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Seoul, South KoreaWelcome Back, Spring!
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Welcome Back, Spring!

Spring has arrived at MTV K headquarters in NYC! With the cold days on their way out and warm weather is rolling in, we're in the mood for delightfully spring-y MVs by...
Seoul, South KoreaCome Back!
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Come Back!

What's it going to take to bring that special someone back to your side? Maybe a heartfelt apology will do the trick, along with a promise to do better. Perhaps they...
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 — “Come Back Home”
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2NE1 — “Come Back Home”

R&B, reggae, and electropop are a match made in virtual heaven in “Come Back Home,” one of two lead singles off 2NE1’s second album, CRUSH. Lyrics about waiting for a...
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 — “Happy”
Music Video

2NE1 — “Happy”

"Happy" reacquaints fans with 2NE1’s upbeat, cheerful personas and their signature street flair. Produced by frequent YG collaborator Teddy and group leader CL, this...
Seoul, South KoreaLonely Winter Days
Music Video

Lonely Winter Days

Find yourself having a lonely day or two this winter?  It's OK if you are — it's normal to feel the cold weather blues now and again. And according to all the recent...
Seoul, South Korea2NE1 — “Missing You”
Music Video

2NE1 — “Missing You”

Fierce idol quartet 2NE1 moves away from their usual energetic style with their wintry single "Missing You." Piano melodies and emotional lyrics about giving in to the...
Seoul, South KoreaK-Pop’s Wild Night Out
Music Video

K-Pop’s Wild Night Out

The weekend has arrived! Work is on pause, class is out, and the parties are on— it's time to feed your inner dance machine with hit tracks by your favorite K-Pop...
Seoul, South KoreaK-Pop’s Baddest Females

K-Pop’s Baddest Females

We talked about the bad boys earlier this week— now let's move on to the baddest ladies in the business. (Not bad meaning "bad," but bad meaning "good," you...