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Seoul, South KoreaBig Bang
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Big Bang

Since their 2006 debut, five member idol group Big Bang (often stylized as BIGBANG) has established an unparalleled reputation in K-pop for their bold productions and continuous experimentation with music and fashion. Their talent has been recognized on...
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Seoul, South KoreaWhat Happened Last Night?
Music Video

What Happened Last Night?

The sun came up, but last night will live on in legend — via music video! Flip through the playlist above for your K-pop faves starring in after-hours antics that we can...
K-Pop’s Kid Cameos
Music Video

K-Pop’s Kid Cameos

Tiny show-stealers ahead! We always get the warm fuzzies when baby faces make cameos in our favorite music videos. Whether they're the main focus of the plot or not, we...
Seoul, South KoreaWTF? — Bizarre K-pop MVs
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WTF? — Bizarre K-pop MVs

K-pop is already famous for its vibrant, exciting, and often eccentric music videos, so what happens when the craziness is cranked up a little more? We know what — a...