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Seoul, South KoreaBeast
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Six-piece group Beast holds considerable weight and presence within the K-pop industry as Cube Entertainment's front and center boy band. Coming a long way from their early nickname "recycled group" (members Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang...
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Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: April 5—11, 2014

Side Chatter: April 5—11, 2014

Casted The very first episode of BEAST’s reality show, Showtime Burning the BEAST, aired yesterday on MBC every1. The boys reminded their fans of how hilarious they...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: March 29—April 4, 2014

Side Chatter: March 29—April 4, 2014

Say goodbye to March, and say hello to April! With a new month and the official start of a new season, check out what's been going on in K-Pop this week, starting...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: March 1— 7, 2014

Side Chatter: March 1— 7, 2014

Branded Actor Kim Soo Hyun and Miss A's Suzy are continuing to showcase their undeniable chemistry in a dramatic CF for Bean Pole's new line of windbreakers. Watch...
Seoul, South KoreaYong Junhyung — “Flower”
Music Video

Yong Junhyung — “Flower”

Forget the cold weather — Yong Junhyung is heating things up with the music video for his second solo single, "Flower." Written and produced by the Beast rappe...
Seoul, South KoreaFalling In Love (His Story)
Music Video

Falling In Love (His Story)

What would K-Pop be without all the cute and sappy love songs? Especially the ones sung by boy bands that make all the fangirls swoon. Believe it or not, sap and...
Seoul, South KoreaTrouble Maker — “Now”
Music Video

Trouble Maker — “Now”

Cube unit group Trouble Maker brings sexy back with "Now," a song about wanting to hear confirmation of love before it's too late. Upping the ante from their risqué 2011...
Seoul, South KoreaSchool’s in Session!
Music Video

School’s in Session!

K-pop has an ongoing relationship with classroom concepts and that's not ending anytime soon. Whether it's fighting off the oppression of education in BTS's "N.O" or...