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For K-pop fans, masculine idols Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, and Jun.K are a refreshing break from the sea of pretty-boy groups on the scene today. Known as Korea's 'beastly idols,' 2PM boasts a manlier, more powerful image, bolstered...
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Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: July 5 — 11, 2014

Side Chatter: July 5 — 11, 2014

Catch up on the hottest K-pop news of the past week, starting with... Castings  B1A4’s Baro has head to Laos to film tvN's new variety show Youth Over Flowers....
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: March 29—April 4, 2014

Side Chatter: March 29—April 4, 2014

Say goodbye to March, and say hello to April! With a new month and the official start of a new season, check out what's been going on in K-Pop this week, starting...
Seoul, South KoreaCome Back!
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Come Back!

What's it going to take to bring that special someone back to your side? Maybe a heartfelt apology will do the trick, along with a promise to do better. Perhaps they...
Seoul, South KoreaOn Rainy Days: Throwback Edition
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On Rainy Days: Throwback Edition

With the recent rainy weather here in NYC, we know how much it sucks to be stuck inside. In fact, it got us thinking: What better way to keep warm and dry than to sip on...
Seoul, South KoreaK-pop Songs with Sneaky Titles
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K-pop Songs with Sneaky Titles

If you've been following K-pop for a while, you'll know that sometimes the song titles can get a bit sneaky. When you're dealing with seemingly random numbers and...
Seoul, South KoreaSide Chatter: October 11, 2013

Side Chatter: October 11, 2013

Welcome back to Side Chatter, where we highlight the hottest K-Pop stories of the week. From interviews to dating, we've got all the latest information from the past...