Special: K-Pop Uncovered

Seoul, South KoreaWhat Is K-pop?

What Is K-pop?

It began as another typical Saturday night in New York City. I was hanging out in Koreatown with my friends, fellow Korean Studies graduate students, downing shots of soju (a strong, distilled beverage that tastes either like sweet vodka or Draino,...
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Seoul, South KoreaBoA (보아)
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BoA (보아)

BoA currently sits on her throne as the reigning queen of Korean pop -- and for good reason. BoA (which is a backronym for Beat of Angel) won over Korean audiences in 2002 with her debut single, “ID; Peace B,” which was also released in Chinese, English...
Seoul, South KoreaEpik High (에픽하이)
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Epik High (에픽하이)

Epik High is a hip hop group from Seoul, South Korea, composed of three members - Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz. Their music has been known to be a “lyrical piece of literature” and “urban poetry”, lyric orientated, soulful and often witty while...
Seoul, South KoreaRain
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Some argue that a great cloud has risen over the future of pop music. To those people we say this only means one thing: it’s time for Rain. Since 2002, K-Pop’s golden boy has been topping the charts across Asia and in the US with singles such as “It’s...
Seoul, South KoreaSe7en
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If K-Pop were to ever have a lucky number, chances are it would be Se7en. Born Choi Dong-Wook, this silky smooth 24-year-old with a magic falsetto has been a mainstay throughout Asia since the 2003 release of his acclaimed debut album, Just Listen. The...
Seoul, South KoreaSHINee — “Hello”
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SHINee — “Hello”

SHINee’s follow-up single to “LUCIFER” is everything we could have asked for and more! “Hello” is the cute and simple track from their album re-package that’s caused noonas all over the world to faint from happiness. Their perfectly coordinated dancing...
Seoul, South KoreaSHINee — “Lucifer”
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SHINee — “Lucifer”

SHINee returned to the K-Pop scene with their title single, Lucifer from their second studio album of the same name. With their completely new concept, they shocked a lot of noona fans by looking rather grown-up. Their intricate choreography combined...
Seoul, South KoreaSHINee — “Juliette”
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SHINee — “Juliette”

Teenagers all over Korea scrambled to copy SHINee’s contemporary idol style after the release of “Juliette” from their second mini-album, Romeo. Over the top choreography and color everywhere from their skinny jeans to Key’s bright blond hair won over...
Seoul, South KoreaGirls Generation — “Gee”
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Girls Generation — “Gee”

"Gee" fever hit Korea in January 2009 with Girls Generation's wildly popular "crab dance." The song went on to break multiple records and even topped KBS's Music Bank chart show nine weeks in a row. The catchy and sugar-sweet tune about a girl falling...
Seoul, South KoreaRain — “Bad Guy”
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Rain — “Bad Guy”

Rain debuted under the management of JYP Entertainment in 2002 with the album title single “Bad Guy” and then was followed by a second hit called “Handshake.” Along with his musical talents, Rain’s popularity began to rise as he starred in several...
Seoul, South KoreaBoA — “Eat You Up”
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BoA — “Eat You Up”

BoA has already made Asian headlines with this crazy "Eat You Up" single. From her upcoming album, Look Who's Talking, decide if you think the U.S. will be talking - or if this side of the world just eats popstars like her right up. Produced by...