Spotlight Artist: B.A.P

April 30, 2012

TS Entertainment’s first male idol group made their explosive debut with “Warrior” back in January. Less than four months later, B.A.P is back with their second single album, Power.

Sticking to their gritty, urban concept of global domination, “Power” plays up the aggression and throws in some heavy rock elements. While the group dials up the aggression onstage, they’re actually quite the charming bunch of kids offstage. We sat down with B.A.P at TS Headquarters to talk about their latest release and to get to know the characters behind 2012’s power rookie idol group. We’ve got leader Bang Yong Guk and Jong Up with their infectious smiles, Himchan and Daehyun’s smooth talking, and the adorable charms of Youngjae and maknae rapper-prodigy Zelo.

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