Who’s Got K-Pop’s Hottest Summer Body?

After MTV K readers eagerly crowned their Top Sexiest Female and Male Idols, we thought we’d be done drooling over the idol hotties for a while.

We thought wrong.

With beach season fast approaching, why not celebrate with some delicious eye candy? MTV K’s latest Top Ten poll features the hottest summer bodies of the K-Pop idol world, and we need YOU to decide who’s got the ultimate beach body!

If all were fair in love and K-pop, then this would be Korea’s Top 100 Summer Bodies (and include drop-dead gorgeous celebs like actors Lee Minho and Baek Sung Hyun)! …But it’s not, so instead, we’ve narrowed it down to the hottest idol group members!

In no particular order, here are the candidates for the Top Ten Summer Bodies in K-Pop! Now it’s up to you to vote for the idol you think has the best summer body!

Top Ten Hottest Summer Bodies!

Super Junior Siwon

Often referred to as the Yoona of Super Junior (for more reasons than one), Choi Siwon’s role in Asia’s biggest boy band is clear. Just look at him! With his sexy trademark eyebrows and that piercing gaze, sometimes we forget how built this man is. Looks like someone wasn’t wearing a smock during art class~
Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea/Lacoste

Wonder Girls Yubin

The powerful diva-rapper of the Wonder Girls placed second in MTV K’s poll for sexiest female idol. So naturally, Yubin’s in the running for hottest summer body as well! In addition to her gorgeous looks and toned body, Yubin’s been getting noticed for her impeccable fashion taste as well!
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

Big Bang Taeyang

With a sexy R&B vocal color to complement his rock-hard chocolate abs, Big Bang’s Taeyang is every girl’s dream. Who cares if he’s only like 5’5″, 5’6″? Just watch one performance of “I’ll Be There” and your doubts about his sexiness will vanish into thin air!
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

Girls' Generation Yuri

We thought about passing the baton over to Seohyun or Yoona this time around, but it can’t be helped – Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has got ideal proportions for a beach babe. Plus, she makes for a pretty hot lifeguard!
Photo Credit: Caribbean Bay

2PM Nichkhun

A first look at the prettiest member of 2PM tells you he’s the most adorable thing alive. And you wouldn’t expect such a muscular build on someone with such a pretty face. But alas, this Olympian creature exists – and he goes by the name of Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul. (In reality, we wish we could nominate all six members for this beauty pageant, but we settled with sending in the Thai Prince as the group’s representative)!
Photo Credit: Calvin Klein via Nate

After School UEE

It was a tough decision between After School‘s Gahee and UEE, but K-Pop’s sweetheart nabbed the nomination for hottest summer body — Thanks to her long legs, honey thighs, and impeccable S-line.
Photo Credit: Daum

2AM Changmin

Who knew the vocal powerhouse of 2AM was rocking a hot bod as well? Changmin surprised (and delighted) his fans when he collaborated with 8eight‘s equally-as-shockingly-fit Lee Hyun for their project album Homme. Imagine seeing this rugged hunk of muscle at the beach…
Photo Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In

Meet the MTV K reader’s choice for Sexiest Female Idol. Ga-In‘s a spunky blend of cute and sexy, giving off a potently curious allure. The petite beauty queen uploaded photos of herself at a pool on her Cyworld, and netizens went crazy over her gorgeous body!
Photo Credit: Daum; Ga-In/Cyworld

F(x) Victoria

F(x)‘s Victoria, the other half of Khuntoria, K-Pop’s hottest make-believe couple, is best known for her unbelievable flexibility. And it’s no surprise that she’s got a glamorous body with which to pull off those insane stretches.
Photo Credit: Caribbean Bay via Daum

TVXQ Yunho

If you saw TVXQ‘s Changmin our Top Ten Sexiest Male Idols list, you’ll remember that charismatic leader U-Know Yunho was disqualified for his man boobs. This time around, we’re giving him bonus points for his… twin assets. (Yes, we’re shameless, we know.)
Photo Credit: Calvin Klein 

Honorable Mentions

While these next two heavy-hitters aren’t really considered young idols anymore, it’s impossible not to mention them in a face-off like this. Especially considering that they have been the reigning King and Queen of all that is sexy in K-Pop for years now. As the saying goes, “Age before beauty,” and these hot icons give K-Pop a good taste of both!

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori. Need I say more? This woman is a legend in the world of K-Pop, and her photoshoots always reflect her flawless (not to mention natural) beauty. Praised by netizens for her goddess-like body and honest personality, Hyori could knock out the competition with her clothes on. But we’re picking the hottest summer body this week, so… yeah.
Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

Rain Summer Body

Back in ’09, MTV Iggy reviewed what was to be Rain‘s breakthrough Hollywood film, Ninja Assassin: “Rain went from an adorable bubblegum pop-star to a chiseled leading man who can squeeze grapes in the ridges of his new six-pack.” Can’t say it any better than this! How will his fans survive during the two year drought after he begins his military sentence this summer?!
Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan Korea

This week’s poll closes at 11:59PM (U.S EST) Sunday night, June 5th so vote as much as you’d like until then!

If you think we’re doing a disservice to the idol member YOU think has the hottest summer body, leave us a comment below, send an angry tweet our way (@mtvkofficial), or drop us a line on our Facebook page! We want to hear from you!

(I’d also like to give a personal shout out to Calvin Klein for taking their turn with practically every idol group. Marketing strategy for jeans = shirtless idols = ♥)


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