Popping Around the Clock with 10 Vintage K-pop Vids

“Rocking” around the clock was so 1956, but K-pop has never been partial to all things vintage. Fair enough, the actual music scene in South Korea went down a bit differently through the years, yet that hasn’t stopped K-pop artists from turning back the hands of time with their concepts. Here are 10 MV’s that will make you stop and wonder what year it really is.

First up is the 1930s-esq “Tell Me Goodbye” by Big Bang. This old-timey video set against a dust bowl backdrop brings The Great Depression to mind, minus the stock market crash. Those fancy suits look too expensive for that….

Girls’ Generation mixes military-inspired fashion with a performance that would have rocked a USO show like it was nobody’s business, in the 1940s’ stylized “Genie.”

Swinging into the 1950s, we’ve got the swell ladies of SECRET with “Shy Boy.” As if the soda jerk sweetness of their ultra colorful ’50s bit wasn’t old school enough, let’s just say we’re surprised we didn’t see a single embroidered poodle on those skirts of theirs.

Girls’ Generation’s slick ode to James Bond with“Hoot” is a shoe-in for ’60s/’70s flair.

While our favorite ’60s inspired MV is “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls.

But of course, when we dream up the flower power era, SHINee’s hip to be hippie concept in “Sherlock” immediately comes to mind. Their mix of Easy Rider meets Scooby Doo with all of that clue finding did well next to their turn-of-the-century Sherlock Holmes suits.

Back in the ’70s disco was the mainstream’s answer to the summer of love and rock’n’roll. That’s why T-Ara’s “Roly Poly” has a secure spot among these retro vids. Who doesn’t love the catchiness of that synth shakedown?

Miss A‘s “Breathe” would have given Cyndi Lauper a run for her money back in the ’80s with its sound and style. Seriously, if you can’t see any of these ladies killing it will Ferris Bueller or Molly Ringwold, then you’ve got problems. Wait a minute… do you even know who they are? Actually, it’s probably better if I don’t ask.

Moving on, we’ve got an actual video from the ’90s— H.O.T‘s ”We Are the Future” to be precise. And you know what, we’re just going to let this one speak for itself.

Sunny Hill‘s “The Grasshopper Song” had to make the list, but your guess is as good as ours as to what era they were aiming for.

The moral of this story is, kids, take the time to enjoy your life no matter where… or when you are. So did you enjoy our time slip? Or did you get lost somewhere among the disco balls and parachute pants? Either way, let us know what you thought about these vintage vids in the comment section below!

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