K-Pop Box Office: 6 Movies Featuring Idol/Actors

Who’s up for movie night K-Pop style? Plenty of idol singers venture into acting at one point or another for various dramas and sitcoms, playing themselves, cameo roles or even for leads parts. But since it’s still kind of a special treat to catch them on the silver screen, go grab some popcorn and check out these movie recommendations featuring some of our favorite idols.

01. 19-Nineteen   [Crime/Drama]
Starring: T.O.P and Seungri (Big Bang)

In the wrong place at the wrong time, three teenagers get caught up in a girl’s suspicious death and decide to make a run for it in this coming-of-age drama. Gratuitous T.O.P rapping in this one, and it was a trip to see Seungri playing a nerdy, stalker-ish type character.


02.  Heaven’s Postman   [Melodrama / Romance]
Starring: Jaejoong (JYJ)

Along with crime drama 19-Nineteen, this melodramatic tearjerker was part of the Telecinema joint project between Japan and Korea. It was first released theatrically, then subsequently split into parts and later aired on TV.


03.  Attack on the Pin-up Boys   [Comedy / Ridiculousness]
Starring: Super Junior

In a nutshell, good-looking guys are being targeted by a …er… waste-slinging hitman. This somehow translates to “getting targeted proves that I’m top dog” in the minds of the popular guys at a high school, played by Super Junior members. …Wow.

04.  Mr. Idol [Drama]
Starring: Jay Park

Jay, playing former Mr. Children member Zio, fits in well in this rag-tag group of troublemakers.  Yu-Jin may be lead vocal, but  Zio steals performance scenes with his powerful dance skills.


05.  I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK   [Drama / Fantasy / Romance / Comedy]
Starring: Rain

What’s a cyborg to do when everyone else in the mental hospital thinks you’re just insane? Everyone except for fellow patient Il-Soon (Rain), that is.

06.  White: The Curse of the Melody   [Horror]
Starring: Eunjung (T-ARA)

For all of you horror buffs out there, this one is best enjoyed with the lights off. Desperate to become a star, Eun-Joo (Eun-Jung) discovers a tape with a song that’s sure to become a hit. What’s the secret behind the cursed melody that sends idols to their deaths? Watch the film to find out…

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