Best of Gangnam Style

After seven months of horse dancing and “aaaayy sexy lady”-ing, we’re ready to call it quits and usher in PSY‘s next single. To help put the pop-culture-consuming, viral juggernaut that is “Gangnam Style” to rest (at least for a little while, omg PLEASE!), let’s dip into the treasure chest of all the PSY-related goodness that the internet has to offer and honor the best of the best.

10. Commercial Style
Our favorite advertising “Gangnam Style” reference by far is this one for E-Lites electronic cigarettes. Apparently, it’s possible to be simultaneously amused and highly disturbed.

9. Marching Band Style
Ohio University’s Marching 110 doesn’t play around when it comes to their halftime shows. Let’s just say that even PSY was impressed with this high-energy performance.

8. Umma Style
Hip-hop choreographer Mike Song and his line-dancer mother Laura charmed their way onto the Ellen Show with this pop ‘n lock routine filmed in their living room. Just think, all of our moms have potential to be this cool. 

7. PTX Style
NBC’s Sing Off season three winners Pentatonix blew us away with this a capella rendition of PSY’s hit. We give them an A+ all the way for the sick arrangement and harmonization. (The lyric execution, on the other hand…)

6. Videobomb Style
Immediately after the field reporter said the situation was serious business, Wavy TV’s coverage of superstorm Sandy in Ocean View, New Jersey was hijacked by rogue horse-dancers. Hilarity ensues.

5. ST.319 Style
Vietnamese dance team ST.319 (who consistently wow us with their K-pop covers) went above and beyond with their 10-minute rendition of “Gangnam Style,” complete with a plot.

4. Baby Style
From the looks of these two videos, “Gangnam Style” has an uncanny effect over tiny humans. We’ll have to conduct more research to be sure. For science!

3. “Byuntae Style”
Comedian/Singer/YouTube sensation David So put his own spin on “Gangnam Style” to the tune of “Byuntae Style” (Byuntae = pervert). HAH.

2. AMA Style
Special guest PSY was joined by extra-special guest MC Hammer onstage at the 2012 AMA’s. Look us in the computer screen and tell us this “Gangnam Style/2Legit2Quit” mashup wasn’t the awesomest. You can’t, can you?

1. Flipbook Style
We can’t even imagine how long it took to put this together. Just… Wow. Original uploader Etoilec1 had to take his version down due to copyright issues with the audio, but when has that ever stopped a viral takeover?

What are your favorite “Gangnam Style” pop-culture spinoffs? Share ‘em in the comments!

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