6 K-pop Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers

Ask anyone’s grandparents and they’ll tell you: There’s nothing new under the sun. Books inspire other books, movies get remade over and over, and songs make the rounds from decade to decade. And yet, there are some songs that are reinvented so well by contemporary artists, that most of us didn’t even know the “originals” existed. Surprise! Take a listen to these six popular tunes and their K-pop counterparts. 

After School covers Morning Musume’s “Love Machine”
In 2009, After School covered a song by J-pop group (and fellow employer of a member admissions/graduation system) Morning Musume. Ten years before “Dream Girl” (After School’s version) was recorded, “Love Machine” hit the Japanese airwaves in 1999. Check out all that ’90s green screen action.

Baby V.O.X. covers Jennifer Lopez’s “Play”
New K-pop fans may not remember Baby V.O.X., but they definitely brought the heat with dance tracks like “Play” in 2004. American pop diva J. Lo made it a club smash first in 2001, and her voice is featured in the English remix of Baby V.O.X.’s version.

SHINee Covers Corbin Bleu’s “Deal With It”
Disney and SM Entertainment collide with this idol cover. After High School Musical star Corbin Bleu coldly told us to “Deal with It,” teen heartthrobs SHINee picked up the pieces of our broken hearts with love song “Juliette.”

F(x) covers Monrose’s “Hot Summer”
Before f(x) dropped the track in 2011, it was a “Hot Summer” in 2010 for German girl group Monrose. In fact, it turns out that Monrose has made quite a few musical donations to other K-pop groups like BoA and Super Junior.

Girls’ Generation covers Lee Seung Chul’s “Girls’ Generation”
What better way to pay homage to your group’s namesake than to cover the song that started it all? The nine ladies of Girls’ Generation put a pop spin on the Korean classic rock song by legendary singer Lee Seung Chul.

Zhang Li Yin and JYJ‘s Junsu cover Justin Guarinni and Kelly Clarkson’s “Timeless”
Remember the 2003 American Idol spinoff movie From Justin to Kelly? It’s ok if you don’t. Anyway, the popularity of one of the film’s duets surpassed that of the movie itself and even made its merry way to South Korea. Zhang Li Yin and Xiah Junsu do the original justice with their powerful voices.

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