20 Artists Hitting the US in 2013

When it comes to ‘who’s touring where’ and ‘who’s appearing in what festival,’ there are a lot of names being thrown around these days. So many, in fact, that we want to help you organize your thoughts and plan your 2013 concert trips!  Check out this handy list of the 21 artists (so far!) that will perform in the US. Get familiar with the bands, idol groups and soloists who will take part in…

Seoulsonic 2013
The annual kickass concert tour Seoulsonic is back! The year’s top alternative rock acts kicked off the tour in San Francisco earlier this month and will hit Ontario, Rhode Island, New York and California in the coming weeks.  Ticket info for SeoulsonicROKNROAR 2K13 is available HERE.


20. Goonam — Electro-Rock 

19. No Brain — Punk

18. Lowdown 30 — Blues Rock

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