ZE:A Releases Spectacular and MV for “Aftermath”

ZE:A Releases Spectacular and MV for “Aftermath”

By Corynn Smith | July 4, 2012

ZE:A (Children of Empire) return this summer with their second studio album. For their first comeback in a year, the nine members pulled an image 180 by ditching the bright and bubbly attitudes we saw for last year’s Exciting album. Spectacular shows us a more mature and masculine side of the group, especially in lead single MV “Aftermath.”



Image Credit: Star Empire Entertainment

01. “Love is Gone”
02. “Aftermath”
03. “Hunter”
04. “COY Girl”
05. “Body to Body”
06. “Never End”
07. “Begin with Kiss”
08. “Daily Daily”
09. “Someday…”
10. “Dirty Cat”
11. “S.A.D (Something In A Dream)”
12. “Aftermath (Instr.)”

Spectacular‘s 11 main tracks showcase a tremendous amount of growth for the group vocally and is definitely worth a listen. Previews are available on ZE:A’s YouTube channel. To thank their fans for their support, ZE:A has also released a limited edition version of Spectacular, which includes a 50 page photobook, a DVD, nine picture sets featuring handwritten messages from the members, and other official group merchandise.

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