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Your Favorite K-pop Idol Coming to a Store Near You?

Your Favorite K-pop Idol Coming to a Store Near You?

By Janine Bower | June 28, 2012

Their faces are plastered on more purchasable commodities than their entertainment companies can keep up with. Fans can order life-size cutouts of their most prized idol, only to add it to a collection of hundreds of other products made in their image. K-pop dolls and now, robots, are the norm, but how far is too far?

Actual life-like robots are the next step for a team of South Korean manufacturers. Dongbu Robot, “a leader in digital convergence by means of robots,” was formed in 1999, and has been a leader in the production of robots for industrial and home based needs ever since. In a group effort with Intelligent & Recreational Robot and Ocean Bridge E&T, these three companies have set their sights on developing “K-pop Star Robots” modeled after the visage of K-pop idols. Does that sound freaky? We’re just getting started.

Their aim is to create life-like robots that move and act with over 20 fluid-moving motor joints. Programmed to dance and perform just like their human counterparts, Dongbu also claims that they will have app capabilities that will allow customers to download Apple or Android features, as well as the functionality to program new dances into their personal idols. Other than sticking to “the best quality” and satisfying their customers, these robots may also be of good use for live performances as opposed to the real mccoy. This is something like the K-pop dancing robots of the Yeosu Expo earlier this month, but way more serious.

Photo Credit: Yeosu Expo 2012; Robots Dancing to a K-pop Medley

For now, they won’t be launching anything until the end of this year, so we’re going to have to wait and see just what these doppelgangers made by Dongbu will look like. As if there wasn’t enough competition in the idol world….

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