Younha Releases Supersonic Album and MV for “Run”

Younha Releases Supersonic Album and MV for “Run”

By Corynn Smith | July 2, 2012

Younha finally returns to fans with the Supersonic album, plus a music video for the lead single “Run.” The MV is beautifully shot in black and white with visually engaging CG effects. Nice.


Yes, she ran past the iconic E.T. flying bicycle image. You saw that correctly.

01. “Supersonic”
02. “People”
03. “Rock Like Stars (feat. Tiger JK)”
04. “Run”
05. “No Limit”
06. “Rain Shower”
07. “Would We Have Changed (feat. John Park)”
08. “Set me free”
09. “Cream Sauce Pasta”
10. “Wait for me”
11. “Driver (feat. Jay Park)”
12. “Hope”

The album itself is a pleasing array of styles for Younha, from the Brit-rock feel of “Run” to the piano melodies of “Driver.” Supersonic also features a few other prominent artists as featured vocalists, rappers, lyricists and composers. Jay Park and Tiger JK both contributed lyrics to their respective collaboration tracks, while Ra.D and Jo Kyu Chan wrote the lyrics for “Run” and  ”Cream Sauce Pasta,” respectively.

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