Yoon Dae Jang Releases Collab MV for “S_UP” Feat. Red Roc

Yoon Dae Jang Releases Collab MV for “S_UP” Feat. Red Roc
Photo Credit: Yoon Dae Jang Official MV on Hiphopplaya

By Janine Bower | September 4, 2012

Any sort of collaboration with hip-hop/reggae mastermind Red Roc is always a good idea. So when the talents of Yoon Dae Jang, aka YDJ, serve up some rap/rock fusion in his latest MV for “S_UP,” you know we’re listening.

YDJ has his own kind of unique spin on Korean rap. Sure, he’s used a few slower paced tunes for his lyrical talents, like the edgy R&B-esq, “Cock & Tail,” featuring singer Evo. But his latest MV for “S_UP” is different. It features a fast-paced rock beat, coupled with his hip-hop flow and a dash of electronic effects to wrap it all up. High energy meets the conflict of two rappers and a slew of high-voltage genres to bring a mishmash of wtf-ery that we’re totally intrigued by.

YDJ’s fast vocals are what make this track pop during the chorus’ build up, but when the actual chorus drops in the video, it’s kind of like a chaotic train wreck featuring twerk-worthy backup dancers. Nevertheless, right before this gangsta-type, booty bump careens completely off course, Red Roc’s got the accompaniment to swerve us back into place just in nick of time…

Neato additions to this MV include —fierce backup dancers aside— a Fight Club type atmosphere that pits YDJ’s licks against Red Roc’s own unique style, and the use of an electric synth guitar without strings. As for this song? It’s hard to tell if we like it or not with all that’s being thrown at us. But the ambition for a killer genre blend is there, and we’re always interested in that type of innovation. Maybe after a few listens we might actually believe that YDJ and Red Roc can provide it.

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