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YG Powerhouse Psy Has Got a Gift For His Fans

YG Powerhouse Psy Has Got a Gift For His Fans
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

By Janine Bower | June 25, 2012

As if performing wasn’t enough, YG Entertainment‘s Hip-Hop legend Psy has got a bit more to give to his fans.

Slated to perform this summer as part of his first comeback in two years, Psy’s Summer Stand performance on August 11 is sure to bring in some rabid numbers. Knowing his strong fanbase, what’s the payoff other than his winning stage presence? In an effort to reward his fans for coming out in the summer heat, Psy has pledged a copy of his album to each concert member in attendance, totaling a whopping 30,000 copies of the sixth mini-album in all. Plus he’s using his own money to foot the bill, about $240,000 to be exact.

Trying to nab tickets? Unfortunately, Psy’s Summer Stand concerts is already sold out. As an iconic staple in South Korea’s music industry, it’s no wonder why Psy is a force to be reckoned with and attendees can expect more of the same quality during his performance. Hat’s off to Psy; it’s pretty cool to see such a big name feature be so generous.

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