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YG Entertainment’s Psy to Make a Comeback: His First in Two Long Years

YG Entertainment’s Psy to Make a Comeback: His First in Two Long Years
Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

By Janine Bower | June 14, 2012

You heard, right? YG Entertainment superstar Psy is gearing up for a comeback, his first since Psyfive, his fifth studio album released in 2010. A veteran to the hip-hop game since his debut in 2001, this legend is not only funny as hell (see the teaser for Ulala Session’s latest for further reference), but his ground-breaking no-nonsense lyrics which have gotten him in trouble in the past are both insightful and satisfying.

Psy might look like an older generation’s trot singer, (especially when he pulls out the nearly chest-high pink pants you’ll see in a sec) but don’t let that purposefully comedic image fool you. His popular digs sink into your ears and rip the clubs a new one, while his concerts sell out in testament to just how beloved this powerhouse is in Korea.

And now that Psy has dropped word of a July comeback, our excitement can’t be contained, especially because YG discussed the “feature” aspect of the full-length album. While everything is still up in the air: what title track will be used, the format of the album and even the style of the song, what we do know is a ton of popular artists are going to be featured alongside Psy, and that the album is in its final production stages. Seriously, we can’t wait.

Just to give you a taste of the kickassery Psy embodies on a daily basis, check out his video “Right Now” while we wait on more news about his upcoming album. Addictively fun and riotously hilarious, we’re hoping Psy’s got something even better for us next month.

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