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Wonder Girls to Hit US After Japan

Wonder Girls to Hit US After Japan
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | August 7, 2012

Top idol group the Wonder Girls dropped their first official US single “Like Money” a few weeks ago, so American fans were anticipating their quick entry into the English-speaking music market and promotions stateside. To everyone’s surprise, however, the Wonder Girls have turned their attention to Japan instead, releasing the EP, Nobody for Everybody. What gives?

Despite being one of South Korea’s most popular girl groups, their debut Japanese album didn’t quite match the expectations on the Oricon chart. The album peaked at #14, selling only 7,460 copies. The underwhelming chart performance didn’t faze the girls though, or their agency, for that matter. A rep from JYP Entertainment said to XportsNews, “We did not go to Japan because we wanted to broaden our territory. We simply wanted to better communicate with our fans,” backing up member Yubin’s statement from an interview this past June. “We did not go to Japan to hit #1 on the Oricon, we just wanted the fans to hear our songs.”

In regards to the Girls’ US promotions, the most we have heard from JYP is a one-liner from their phone interview with XportsNews. “We are planning to push ahead with Wonder Girls’ US promotions very soon.” But how soon is soon, though?

Recently wrapped was JYP Entertainment’s first-ever Fan Day event, and the Seoul leg of the JYP Nation Tour.  The tour will hit Japan on July 18th and 19th, and presumably after that, the girls will embark on their US promotions.

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