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Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” Strikes Again

Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” Strikes Again
Photo Credit: JYP Entertainment; DefStar Records

Are we in for Round III of the "Nobody craze?"

By Corynn Smith | July 12, 2012

We all knew it was coming; the Wonder Girls have set their sights on the Japanese music market. They must be pretty serious about it, because they broke out the biggest gun in their arsenal: “Nobody.” The girls’ biggest hit to date took over Korean music charts in 2008 and slowly crept into the US market the following year. Recently released was their EP Nobody for Everybody and a Japanese PV of the song that just won’t quit.

Styled differently than in the original, the girls do still exude the same charm that made the first incarnation of the track so very, very famous. Modern, neon-colord dresses contrast against distinctly ’40s radio-star standing mics and simple yet addictive retro choreography. There’s even a quick homage to the 2008 music video in the last minute of the PV.


In 2009, the English version of the single cracked the Billboard Top 100 in the US and in 2010 the Chinese version became the best-selling single for a foreign artist ever in China. Apparently Japanese fans had been begging the Wonder Girls to show them some love, too, but we’ll just have to wait and see how well the single fares in real time.

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