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We Know A “Ladykiller” When We See One, Gavy NJ

We Know A “Ladykiller” When We See One, Gavy NJ
Photo Credit: Good Fellas Entertainment

By Janine Bower | September 25, 2012

The three songstresses that make up Gavy NJ have found themselves at the mercy of a “Ladykiller.” While their latest teaser offers a quick glance into their player-ridden lives, who really knows what we’ll see when the full MV for “Ladykiller” drops on October 4…

Gavy NJ has been around since 2005, so we’re pretty sure that they know their way around a love song. This particular song rings with a lighthearted pop sound that would make any man want to be Gavy NJ’s “lucky boy.” It’s just that the title of “Ladykiller” forecasts some telltale trouble in relationship land, and the apprehensive faces of Gavy NJ’s members at the end of this teaser do nothing to quell our nervousness.

Did Gavy NJ just set their lady killer up to meet them all at the same cafe? Uh-oh…

We know that Gavy NJ has enough gumption to make it through. As a group, Gavy NJ has switched members twice, which indicates their tremendous ability to overcome adversity. So one or two lady killers won’t be enough to stop these girls. It also seems that Gavy NJ is strong enough to deal with controversy, too. Members Gunji and Shannon recently loaned their talents to T-ara‘s “Day and Night” MV during the heat of T-ara’s own controversy this past summer. Obviously, Gavy NJ can take care of themselves.

What do you think of Gavy NJ’s “Ladykiller?” Make your predictions in the comments section, before the full MV drops on October 4.

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