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Verbal Jint Releases “You Deserve Better” Featuring Phantom’s Sanchez

Verbal Jint Releases “You Deserve Better” Featuring Phantom’s Sanchez
Photo Credit: Brand New Music

By Janine Bower | June 22, 2012

Verbal Jint chalks up another butter-smooth collaboration with labelmate and Phantom member Sanchez to bring you the MV for “You Deserve Better.” Off of his latest album 10 Years of Misunderstandings, this is a track you simply won’t want to stop listening to.

Verbal Jint’s deep soul rapping brings the meat to “You Deserve Better,” where Sanchez’ vocal acrobatics tops it all off. As for the video, not only does the velvety track blend seamlessly with the lyrical drama of a love affair gone sour, there’s a mind-blowing twist at the end you’re going to want to stick around for.

Verbal Jint and Phantom have got a kind of collaborative spirit that has never lead them astray. Now that Sanchez is back to give his flavor to this latest MV, we’re glad these guys know a good thing when they hear it.

If you’re still on the fence about picking up this album, go to Brand New Music’s official YouTube to check out a few of the teasers for the album’s other tracks. “Comfort the Teens 2013” features Phantom’s Hanhae and female vocalist Zion. Meanwhile “Good Morning” has this popping kick set to the stylings of Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm, while “Got to Be U” has got Sijin and “Perfect Day” lightens the mood with Ivy’s sweetness. Let’s just say this eclectic smattering of hip-hop and pop goodness is definitely worth the listen.

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