UV Releases “I Will Live With Her” MV Feat. YB’s Yoon Dohyun

UV Releases “I Will Live With Her” MV Feat. YB’s Yoon Dohyun
Photo Credit: Sony Music Korea

By Janine Bower | September 5, 2012

The fabulous duo of UV have teamed up with veteran K-rocker, Yoon Dohyun of YB. Straight off of their brand new mini-album, Artist, is UV’s music video for “I Will Live With Her.” Trust us when we say, this MV has some of the greatest retro ’80s sound we haven’t heard in a while.

Have you ever seen one of those awesomely dramatic music videos from the 1980′s? Think of Duran Duran’s Korean cousins trying their hand at filming a soap opera, and you might understand what UV is going for in “I Will Live With Her.” But, parody or not, the big hair and leather pants of that fashionably gauche era isn’t the only thing UV and Yoon Dohyun have to offer. Yoon Dohyun’s scorching vocals recreate an arena rock feel, while UV’s Euro dance style brings on the synthesizers. It’s a kickass concoction complete with their very own ’80s-esq MV babe, who might look better dancing on top of a Jaguar, Whitesnake style.

As UV is made up of High Syde’s Muzie and comedian, Yoo Se Yoon, their quest for retro greatness is thoroughly enjoyable to watch although we’ve seen a taste of their ridiculousness once before. Does anyone remember the delicious debauchery of last year’s “Itaewon Freedom,” featuring J.Y. Park? Now there’s some ’80s craziness you’ll never forget…

While UV has an eclectic blend of musical influences, they’ve been described as Korea’s version of The Lonely Island. You know, the trio of comedic musicians who brought you “I’m On A Boat” and “Like a Boss“… Does that give you any idea what this duo is all about and what they’re capable of? Perhaps the silliness of their music video for “I Will Live With Her” wasn’t clear enough….

If you’re interested in UV’s retro-type awesome charms, you’ll be thrilled to hear what they’ve got ready for October. For more info, see here.

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