Urban Zakapa Releases Beautiful Day

Urban Zakapa Releases Beautiful Day
Photo Credit: Fluxus Music

By Chris Choi | April 2, 2012

The jazzy smooth band Urban Zakapa released their newest EP Beautiful Day to the delight of their loyal fans world wide.

Announced through their Facebook page, the group wrote, “At midnight today April 03. am12:00(Korea time), Urban Zakapa’s New EP ‘Beautiful Day’ will be released! Look forward to it!”

The title track, “Beautiful Day,” describes the perfect day with the perfect person. The EP marks the group’s third album and contains six new tracks.

For those of you unfamiliar with the group, Urban Zakapa debuted in 2009 with nine members, four vocalists and five instrumentalists: a guitarist, two pianists, a double bassist, and a drummer. Now the group is signed under Fluxus Music and is composed of three of the original vocalists: Jo Hyun Ah, Kwon Soon Il, and Park Yong In.

You may recognize Hyun Ah’s voice from her featuring on tracks for Verbal Jint, Navi, and labelmate DJ Clazzi. We’ve been clinging onto their last album [01] here at MTVK for almost a year now, waiting in anticipation for their next big release.

Definitely be sure to check out this ultra talented group! Take a look at the tracklist below and let us know what you think!

Urban Zakapa – Beautiful Day Tracklist

1. “Beautiful Day”
2. “Something Special”
3. “그댈 안은 목소리” (The Voice That Holds You)
4. “Let It Rain”
5. “Just The Two Of Us”
6. “Just A Feeling” (S.E.S Tribute)

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