Underground Hip-hop Sensation Andup Drops 20 EP

Underground Hip-hop Sensation Andup Drops 20 EP
Photo Credit: Hiphopplaya.com

By Janine Bower | October 12, 2012

Alright, Andup, you sir, are too cute to be believed. That’s not something you would expect from one of Korea’s most beloved underground rappers, but let’s just say it helps us get pumped for the release of Andup’s second EP, simply named 20.

Of course, Andup might look like a hip-hop sweetheart, but his rapping is serious business. The six tracks on his 20 EP does a lot to grab our attention, especially because Andup maneuvers his way around his lyrics with rhythmic ease. And the fact that Andup wrote all six of the tracks himself… The previews we’ve gotten from 20 are even sweeter, and include a smooth R&B styled track called “In My Room,” featuring rookie female artist Lovey, and the much more classic feel of “The Way It Is Right Now” featuring Real Collabo Entertainment’s Brother Su.

“In My Room” Preview

“The Way It Is Right Now” Preview

As for our love of how cute this kid is, check out the teaser for the release of his 20 EP to see what we mean.

While Andup might be one of Korea’s “underground” rappers, that doesn’t mean the hip-hop scene doesn’t know about him. Besides generating buzz for himself with the release of his first mini album The Speaker of Teens in 2010, and his EP I Keep Going in early 2011, he’s been featured on a slew of hip-hop collaborations in the past. Think HI-LITE Record‘s CEO Paloalto, and a variety of Grandline Entertainment rappers, for example. With that many people interested in Andup’s goods, it should come as no surprise that his 20 EP features a lot of underground artists tjat you might need to start paying attention to, like DJ Dopsh, Hwaji and Crucial Star.

Andup’s 20 EP just dropped online while the physical album will be released on October 16. You’re totally going to pick it up, right?

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