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U-Kiss Unexpectedly Releases “Cinderella” Single

U-Kiss Unexpectedly Releases “Cinderella” Single
Photo Credit: NH Media

By Janine Bower | August 31, 2012

What do we have here? Boyband U-Kiss, who are scheduled for a comeback in the next couple weeks, just dropped an unexpected single called “Cinderella.” Since this is the same idol group of Neverland fame, does this mean that someone on NH Media‘s production staff likes fairytales a little too much?

In any case, U-Kiss might need a fairy godmother to decide which genre this song is supposed to represent. “Cinderella” managed to ride the line between dance and R&B, leaving us a little on the confused side on first listen.

For “Cinderella” to be a full-on dance track, U-Kiss should have added the same kind of vibe more prevalent in their Japanese albums (ie: “Tick Tack,” “Forbidden Love” etc.). For it to be an R&B song, they’d have to slow down this single’s BPM. It’s like “Cinderella” is too slow to bump, and yet too fast to grind.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a surprise single or two before a big comeback, and it’s not like this song is not associated with their upcoming album. We get “Cinderella” plus whatever’s headed our way in September, which will hopefully be less wishy-washy, genre-wise.

You can pick up U-Kiss’s single, “Cinderella” at any major Korean music sites, and judge for yourself what you think this track sounds like.

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