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U-Kiss Teases Black & White “Stop Girl” Teaser

U-Kiss Teases Black & White “Stop Girl” Teaser
Photo Credit: NH Media

By Janine Bower | September 14, 2012

In the latest teaser for their upcoming single, “Stop Girl,” we see the dapper idols of  U-Kiss grooving to the singe of an R&B beat in black and white. “Stop Girl” will be the lead single off their soon-to-drop Stop Girl mini-album, and let’s just say, this teaser has all the right moves to spark our interest.

As the teaser begins, we catch the whiff of a U-Kiss single done right. The beat for “Stop Girl” is reminiscent of a much sexier Ne-Yo or Usher track, and highlights a snazzier je ne sais quoi to U-Kiss’ usually faster-paced, dance-pop step. NH Media had said that “Stop Girl” would be geared more towards an international market, as U-Kiss is looking to break onto the Billboard charts with this song. Judging by the sound of this teaser, this single just might be what U-Kiss needs to do that.

Wasn’t that really, really hot?

Unfortunately for U-Kiss member AJ, who’s currently studying at New York City’s Columbia University, he’ll have to miss out on U-Kiss’ latest comeback. But you don’t have to.

Stick around for when U-Kiss releases their seventh mini-album, Stop Girl on September 20, and be sure to tell us what you think about their comeback in the comments section below.

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