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U-Kiss Schmoozes in Style With “Stop Girl” MV and Album

U-Kiss Schmoozes in Style With “Stop Girl” MV and Album
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By Janine Bower | September 20, 2012

U-Kiss is back with an all new mini-album and MV for “Stop Girl.” Making this their seventh mini-album to date, Stop Girl sounds like an amazing album, and its title track makes for an even better MV.

Black and white videos are always classy. Big Bang knows the editorial quality that black and white film can bring to a K-pop video, having used the trick in their MV for “Love Song.” Even Big Bang member T.O.P used the treatment for his solo MV, “Turn It Up.” Well, U-Kiss has officially jumped on  the black and white bandwagon with this MV for “Stop Girl.” It’s chic and also features a slower, sexier pop track to back up U-Kiss’ super posh style. Very, very nice guys.

When Dongho‘s surprisingly lowers his rap voice as he spits alongside member Eli, a neat shadow effect with member Kevin and his backup dancer at around 1:40, and the way U-Kiss slides into the main bridge of this song are just a few of our favorites moments in this MV and song. While “Stop Girl” was composed by Ryan Jhun, who is also responsible for another popular U-Kiss single, ”Neverland,” we’re surprised at how different “Stop Girl” sounds compared to the group’s previous songs. We just didn’t know they had it in them, honestly…

As for the Stop Girl mini-album, U-Kiss fans can rejoice in the fact that member AJ, who is currently on hiatus at New York City’s Columbia University, had his hand in the album’s two tracks, “Time to Go” and “Sexy Baby.” And although the MV for “Stop Girl” did look a little strange with just six members, U-Kiss add a bonus to the album by featuring an acoustic version of Soohyun‘s “Remember,” his digital single from last winter, on the group’s latest mini.

Stop Girl Seventh Mini-Album Tracklist:

1. “IMMA NEW THANG” (Intro)
2. “Stop Girl”
3. “Time To Go”
4. “Remember” (acoustic version)
5. “Sexy Baby”
6. “Stop Girl” (English version)
7. “Stop Girl” (instrumental)

Of course, this black and white version of the music video “Stop Girl” is now available on U-Kiss’ official YouTube. Want to see the color version? Check official Korean music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Olleh Music for that MV, with a teaser right here on Melon for your review.

Our question is, which version do you like best?

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