Two X “Double Up” With Their MV Debut

Two X “Double Up” With Their MV Debut
Photo Credit: J.Tune Camp

By Janine Bower | August 17, 2012

Have you ever felt like your significant other was skimping on the affection? J.Tune Camp’s latest girl group knows that feeling. Ringing in a debut music video, which asks for double the love, Two X makes their mark with an MV for “Double Up.”

Two X begins their first video enjoying the fun of a Vegas-type theme park, complete with the shimmer of rookie polish. Unfortunately, as “Double Up” begins, the bravado of their vocalization reads a bit like 2NE1‘s “Lonely.”  But hear us out, fans new and old of either group don’t need to freak out just yet….

After “Double Up” really kicks in, some seriously surprising vocals soar over an unbelievably catchy hook. Here we thought the chorus was innocuous enough when boom—straight up earworm quality strikes. One week from now and you’ll probably hear “Double up double up” flooding your subconscious. As for the MV, once they cue the fireworks, the punch of Two X’s upswing gives us a taste of what they’ve really got to offer. Someone tell J.Tune that we’re in for the ride.

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