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TVXQ! Comeback Teaser, Round II: Changmin

TVXQ! Comeback Teaser, Round II: Changmin
Image Credits: SM Entertainment

By Corynn Smith | September 19, 2012

Another day, another image teaser. This time a photo featuring TVXQ‘s other half, Max Changmin, was uploaded today to the group’s homepage. Though it’s tinted in the same yellow as Yunho’s photo was yesterday, Changmin’s Catch Me teaser has a whole different vibe going on.

While Yunho’s photo was immediately eye-catching and dynamic, Changmin’s photo is more on the subtle side and requires a second glance to get the whole picture. Projected over his stoic expression is the image of a barking dog, the same dog from the background of their homepage.

Image Credit: SM Entertainment

Image Credit: TVXQ! Homepage

After hitting up Jakarta, Indonesia with the rest of their label mates for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR III on September 22, TVXQ! will return to the South Korean music market with their sixth studio album. Catch Me will be released online on the 24 and in stores the 26. Happy hunting!

Just a few more days, Cassies! Since both photos are for TVXQ’s comeback, how do you think the two images are related? 

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