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Throwback Thursday: Sechs Kies’s “Com’back”

Throwback Thursday: Sechs Kies’s  “Com’back”

By Corynn Smith | August 2, 2012

Dig your baggy jeans and retro kicks out of the closet, we’re heading back to 1999. SechsKies, pronounced “jack’s kiss,” was DSP Media‘s first boy band and a household name around the same time as rival idol group, H.O.T. Appropriately titled “Com’back,” this week’s throwback is SechsKies’ final comeback single before their disbandment in 2000.  One of the great things about SechsKies is that though they were officially classified as a hip-hop group, their albums included songs from many different genres of music, highlighting the talents of each member. As one of the K-pop industry’s defining groups, SechsKies played an important part in transitioning the South Korean music scene into what we recognize today.

SECHS KIES — “COM’BACK” (SBS Inkigayo, September 1999)

Who can help but feel nostalgic for the fast ‘n heavy dance music that graced our ears in the ’90s? The choreography doesn’t disappoint either; from the robot to break-dancing, every corner of hip-hop dance is covered.

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